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Where is home?

Some of us travel the world to find a home.  Home is not where you are from, yet it is where you feel you belong.  Moving becomes tiring.  Have you found your home?  A place where you feel safe, confident and comfortable?  A place where you can imagine a future alone or with the family you create?  Can you picture your life there in ten years?  Twenty years, or even longer;  What does it look like?  What does your home feel like?  How does it smell?

Why own a home?

  • To gain emotional and financial stability
  • To have a physical place to age together and create a matchless union with family and pet
  • To build equity which can be used toward education or health care
  • To decorate in a style that you love 
  • To delight in satisfaction, fulfillment, regard, and self esteem.  Pride of ownership cannot be taken away.

Why rent?

  • Renting may be the preferred option if you plan on moving in less than 5 years
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Some utilities may be included in the monthly rent payments
  • You could rent a place closer to office or school